Chef's Story

Master Chef Martin Yan

Master Chef Martin Yan has been the host of over 3,000 cooking shows broadcasted worldwide and is arguably the most recognizable Asian Chef in the world. His talents include being the author of over 30 cook books, teaching and instructing students of many generations and being a giving fundraiser and philanthropist. Yan holds a Masters degree in Food Science from the University of California Davis, a degree in cooking from the Chinese Cuisine Institute in Hong Kong as well as honorary degrees from Johnson and Wales University and the School of Escoffier France. With more awards than one can count on both hands and feet, Martin Yan has some of the most respectable honors in the culinary field; including James Beard Awards, the honor of Master Chef from CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and many other. Dedicated to dispelling the mysteries of Asian cooking, Yan furthers an understanding of these excellent cuisines, and the cultures that created them, with spirited lessons, fun and entertainment.

Executive Chef Cory Chen

Cory Chen was born and raised in the Bay Area with heritage from several different regions in China. With both family members and friends working in and owning restaurants it was inevitable for Cory to become a Chef. At a young age Cory was exposed to foods and cultures from all around the world which are reflected upon his cooking. As a graduate of UC Davis Chef Cory has taken classes in wine making, brewery, nutrition, and food science in addition to courses in his majors Sociology and Communications. After college, Chef Cory enrolled in Culinary School at the City College of San Francisco. Apprenticing under some of the best Chef's in the world Chef Cory has experience in Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese and Californian Cuisine. He believes strongly in quality ingredients for an affordable price. Chef Cory's passion is to bring Californian flare to traditional Asian dishes while helping the communities and groups Yan Can reach to.