Yan Can Mission

We aim to provide the best Asian Cuisine at the best possible price while giving the customers an exceptional dining experience they will never forget. We also want to help improve employees and guests knowledge of Asian Cuisine while working towards a cleaner, greener, well fed community.

Our Food. Our Passion. Our promise.

The food and ingredients used in Yan Can are a direct reflection of Martin Yan, the original Asian Chef in America and to whom the restaurant owes its name. The food is fresh, cooked to order so you know when you order you are getting a fresh meal cooked just for you. Whenever possible we use organic, naturally raised meats and produce as well as using fresh as opposed to frozen or canned ingredients. At Yan Can we pride ourselves in getting your money's worth, so we always give you the best possible portion and quality for the price you pay. Our commitment to our customers and to our food comes from our passion for life, food and flavor. We can only hope that everyone who comes into our restaurant can one day share our passion for food as we do.